Icelandic Times issue - 19. 2013
When the Viking seafarer, Hrafna-Flóki found Iceland, he enjoyed a gloriously hot summer. So he was not prepared for the bitterly cold winter as the weather changed.
Climbing the highest mountain he could find,he saw a fjord fi lled with ice. That, it is said, is how Iceland got its name.
It’s a rugged country that has seen its share of disasters over the centuries and, to a modern observer, it seems it must have been a very tough life before the advent of geothermal heating.
Even today, you have to be fit and wellequipped if you want to face the challenges of travel in the interior or Highlands. While many hikes are easy, there are those that challenge the very spirit of man and which are for the bold, brave, fi t and well-prepared.
However, each year, there are a number of visitors who try to travel into the interior, not realising the hazards that can befall them. It is therefore very prudent that Iceland has such a well organised rescue service.
There are many tours that can take you into these spectacular landscapes — either as hikes or in SuperJeeps with experienced drivers. The trips are worth every moment, as you can read here, but do follow the guidelines and stay safe. Enjoy your Icelandic summer.
Icelandic Times issue - 19. 2013 Greinar

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