Icelandic Times - Issue 11. 2011
Welcome to Winter! With a name like Iceland, you would expect to have severe winters, probably worse than most parts of Europe or the US. Nothing could be further from the truth! Being an island surrounded by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, Iceland generally has temperatures that are milder than other Scandinavian or European countries or the US and Canada. However, this year, the rainfall we didn’t get in the summer poured down in the autumn and then temperatures dropped to their lowest in over 60 years and now we have snow–plenty of it, dry and crisp!
Iceland is totally different each season and a snowy winter offers opportunities for every kind of outdoor winter sport. At the same time,there are plenty of indoor sports going on, too,as Icelanders are well prepared for inclement weather. Yes, it is dark for much of the day during December and January, but the snow gives the land a beautiful reflected light that offsets the darkness.
Icelandic Times - Issue 11. 2011 Greinar

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